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  • I've got a new boat ! And this one has a mast :) Her name is "Duppy" which is weird. I think it means "a spirit or ghost" in Jamaican. Can't say I am too enamored by the name, but she sails like a dream! She's been in Bequia for at least 20 years and I think she was manufactured in 1969. She's a Columbia 36.

    As you can see, she is fully rigged and ready to sail. She's got a huge cockpit meaning that six people can day sail on her with no problems at all.

    You step inside to see the seating area to the left (port side) and the gallery (kitchen) to the right (starboard side). As you can see, she is derelict inside... she won't be like that for long though!

    The gallery needs a new top and a new oven (and a new sink).

    You can see the head (toilet). There are two doors which swing out and block the corridor making it a huge bathroom and shower area. In front of that you see the bedroom.

    The seating area is big, but needs a new table. The table is a hexagonal shape, but the original was rectangle, allowing it to drop down and make this area into a double bed.

    This is the "under the sink" cupboard. The whole inside of the boat looked like this! Everything was covered in oil and grime - nasty stuff.

    Amazing what some scrubbing and a coat of paint can do :)

    So now you have met Duppy. I bought her to learn how to sail and she came with free lessons from the former owner. I've been out on her the last 3 Sundays and I'm loving every moment. She'll take me from Grenada to Dominica as I explore more of this wonderful part of our planet.